Will ANC ever purge corrupt sytems?

The aftermath of cabinet reshuffle has seen Lots of disgruntled South Africans took to the streets in a bid to oust president Jacob Zuma. Notwithstanding that some were ernoumously intimidated by pro-zuma faction amid this widespread #ZumaMustFall protest on friday.

It was transparently obvious that their hard-won rights to publicly express their views and diversity of sentiments were enfringed.

The news of cabinet reshuffle also saw the rand plummets and South Africa downgraded to “junk status” by duo of the trio rating agencies. Amongst the duo includes Fitch ratings and Standard and Poor ratings. However Moody’s on the other hand reportedly stalled its pronouncements for at least a month.

Consequently, South Africans can no longer make an exception over the new wave of poltical intolerance that shields the president from accountability. The president’s unaccountability also sparked a question of whether or not the ANC led government can purge corrupt systems within its members.

It seemed very unlikely as the former president and UNISA chancellor said their only desire is to accumulate wealth through corrupt means to enrich themselves and their allies.

In the precedence of ousting Thabo Mbeki in 2008, president Zuma said the party need to sustain confidence to its people and government.

“Once this level of confidence weakened, ANC has no alternative, but to take action”. Zuma added

Various political parties have set aside their ideological differences together with Save SA civil group organisation expressing mutual opinions that sparked unprecedented countrywide protests.

Meanwhile, Black Land First, ANCYL and MKMVA have vowed to shield president Zuma until his tenure ends. Clashes have erupted between BLF members and anti-zuma protesters outside Gupta compound in Saxonwold.


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