Opposition parties heavily relies on judiciary

In the midst of political ramifications, it is arguable that opposition political parties have been heavily reliant on the judicial system. The rift deepening within the ruling party gave United Democratic movement an opportunity to ask Constitutional court to declare secret ballot in the forthcoming vote of no confidence against president Jacob Zuma.

The motion is scheduled to be debated at the National Assembly on 18 April.

In the reminiscent of motion of no confidence took place last year. ANC MPs were ill-disposed to vote in favour of the motion. They remained adamant that the president is going nowhere despite mounting pressure and calls for him to relinquish power.

Parliament is set to oppose UDM’s application. This means that should con court dismiss UDM’s application, ANC MPs who criticised the axing of Pravin Gordhan will be refrained to vote in their conscience.

Economic Freedom Fighters is amongst the party that sought retribution for president Zuma having violated his oath of office. In its founding affidavit, the party believes that speaker of the National Assembly is continuously acting irrationally to remaining silent and inactive in the face of president deliberately flouting his constitutional mandate.


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